Complaint: The scam follows this pattern: He posts an ad on Craigslist looking for a part-time, home-based administrative assistant, executive secretary, administrative manager, or some other clerical position. In the original ad he gives no information other than the job title and a pay scale that’s enticing to any job seeker. After the applicant responds to the email, he sends a letter back and this is where it all comes out. He claims to be a photographer, lawyer, entrepreneur/investor, but he’s out of the country, so no interview or personal contact. There’s no address given, no form of contact other than an email address with instructions and a bogus job description that, buried along with the normal duties a secretary/assistant might perform, usually involves receiving “packages”” or processing checks or money orders. I’ve seen this a couple of times now and have researched enough to know that the whole thing’s a lie. It’s a filthy thing to do to people looking for legitimate work

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Address: especially in an economy as depressed as this one. He’s playing on people’s desperation. The worst of it is that there’s no real way to tell from the original ad that it’s this guy until you’ve already answered it. The original posting looks like an ordinary blind ad


Phone: which is a common practice–and he changes the name every time he posts.”