Purchased this R.V. new off there lot on 2-2-18. Left there lot on 2-3-18 145pm drove 1.5 hours south of forth worth to Waco tx and stopped at the 1-35 rv park for the night. Went to bed around 8:30pm that night and woke up around 8:00am the next morning and found out that our brand new camper flooded all night. The front toilet overflowed on to the floor filling up all the sheeting ducks causing flooding in the bedroom and closet and the back bathroom (fullbath) also. | Tyres to contact the dealer and the manufacturer but it was Sunday and we had no luck. So we stayed in that park again till monday when we could get then on the phone. We finally contact the dealership people they guarantee that they would get the parts and repair it little brand new again if I would send them pictures of everything we could see wrong I did 12 pictures. They told us to go ahead on our vacation and they would call us when the parts were in. | They called 3 weeks later and told us that the parts were in and that they took them out of the shipping crates and the parts were perfect not damaged from shipping ( Sam Wooldridge the service manager). We called him back the next day and told him our travel time to get to him would be 5 days and set our appoint up for Monday March 4th. They told us that the repairs would be 2 days. We came to there dealership the Friday before to make sure that we didn’t miss our date. | My wife went to the service dept and talked to Jeremy Burnham (service advisor) he told her that our appt wasn’t till monday we would need to come back then. Monday we went the service dept and checked in and Jeremy told me that this toilet overflowing was a everyday thing. The Monday after it happen Sam Wooldridge told us in his 25 years he’s never seen this. Monday they only work on my camper 1 hour. When we can back around 7:30pm to spend the night in our camper they left all the lights on for the full day and my battery was going dead my camper would not level or the 5 slides would not work ether. | The next day Tuesday mornings I told Sam about this and said they didn’t plug it in???. That same day Tuesday me and my wife went back around 12:00pm to check on it that’s when we were told that our parts were da.aged in shipping. We spend 4 days at the dealership trying to get something done but failed. Finally on Thursday morning trying to get all my service and parts records they skinny Frost told me to get out or he was going to call the police and them Jeremy zNurnham called the police. Not once would Nat McClain call me. We were told that he was the owner. I did talk to Delbert Millerbfrom K.Z. and he told us he was sorry this happen he won’t talk or text me now ether.


  • Name: McClain’s RV SuperStore
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Fort Worth
  • Address: 10100 South Fwy
  • Phone: 855-976-7028
  • Website: www.mcclainsrv.com/