Complaint: I’m brazilian and I was in holidays in Spain, where I bought two Mc Nifico Menu. I used the machine with my debit card for doing my order ( for me and my sister together), and when I took it the worker took away my fiscal note so I had just stayed with the cupom for the two deserts ( simple cone ice cream) but when I was taking the desert with another attendant I noted that the machine put just one ice cream, but I paid for two menus (there is the price on my card cupom). So I tried to talk with the attendant and explain what was happening (how anybody spoken English I spoke in Portuguese), but she was very rude with me and almost said that I was trying to steal!!! I was very upset and without reaction because I really paid and deserved at least trying to explain. I had to say a lot of times that I was telling the true, because she treated me like a thief. Then she talked with another woman and gave me the two ice creams, but I heard they said something about Brazilians, so I’m deeply offended after all they treated me and my country with a offensive way. I didn’t hope something like that from McDonald’s and I and all my family are really upset with this situation.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: Gran Via Madrid, spain Spain