We went to McGregors furniture because it was a local establishment. We found a full-size bed set for our teenage daughter. We looked at the floor model which looked very nice including the fit and function of the drawers and case. Everything functioned as expected and cosmetically it appeared to be decent furniture. We placed our order and were informed it would be 6 to 8 weeks prior to delivery. After approximately eight weeks our daughters bed was delivered as was the chair for her desk. The desk itself was broken in transit so it was not delivered. Her dresser was delivered but when we looked at it we noticed that the case of the dresser was crooked. This caused the upper drawer to be very tight and the lowest drawer to be very loose inside the case. It was clear that the furniture case of the dresser was built crooked. There was an obvious nearly ¼” gap at the bottom and no gap at the top. We contacted McGregor furniture and they told us we could refuse delivery. We were also told that a supervisor would evaluate the dresser the following day and if they determined it was not cosmetically flawed we would be forced to accept the furniture or pay a 30% restocking fee. We were also told that if it was flawed, they would order another dresser. However, if the second dresser was also flawed, we would have to live with it and they would not order a third nor would they refund any of our money. My wife expressed her frustration that the furniture was built very poorly. The company representative stated that as long as it functioned it did not matter what it looked like. My wife asked the company representative if she would put this furniture in her house and the company representative said that she would. The company representative then stated “you get what you pay for”. The company representative then stated this furniture was a step above Ashley furniture. McGregor furniture refused to consider the product defective despite the obvious cosmetic defect. They told us that as long as the drawer continued to open and close despite the defect that the product was acceptable. We find this to be a ludicrous position. Furniture is not only expected to be functional but also a cosmetically acceptable. The piece delivered (dresser) was not similar to the quality of the one on the floor which we viewed and tested. If one ordered a brown piece of furniture one would not expect one the furniture to have one of the drawers colored white. Much in the same way, in our situation the case of the dresser was crooked. We expected a dresser that looked and functioned like the one on the showroom floor. We were informed this was our problem not McGregor furniture’s. A consumer generally expects that a product represented on a showroom floor is representative of the product which is purchased. In our case, the product was flawed and McGregor’s refused to follow thru on their end and provide a product that functioned and looked like the one we were shown. We find their position ridiculous and cannot understand how it is our problem that the product they sell is defective.


  • Name: McGregors Furniture
  • Country: United States
  • State: Iowa
  • City: Mason
  • Address: 2930 4th St SW
  • Phone: 641-423-3451
  • Website: mcgregorsfurniture.com/