Complaint: Where to start? OK, Non-profit- the reason there non-profit is because they raise their administrative costs to show no profit. The owner certainly hasn’t given up his family SUNs season tickets. HMMM sounds like profit to me. They hold employees accountable for raising a certain amount of funds per week, Yes it sounds reasonable, till you find out their getting paid per phone call, no matter how much money is raised for the charity. On top of that they ask donors for up to 5x’s more than they gave last time. I had to ask a elder people on S.S. for as much as 10,500 dollars,when they helped the last time with 20 bucks 3 years before that, REALLY?? Next- Training-the training is minimal at best, first week, your put in a room with a Pin-up, biker, wanna-be, who’s married to a convicted sex offender, and a bunch of addicts. Then your thrown on the phone and left to die, if you make it, you get assigned a team leader, who is to help you get better. Good luck with that! You can ask for help till your blue in the face, their not held accountable for how your doing under their supervision. In fact they get promoted no matter what they do. Now before you think I tried and didn’t do my job, I’ve been there for 2 yrs and watched many good people, who were there for years, get fired because they expect us to raise the same amount of money they were getting 4-5 yrs ago before the economy really tanked, the goals are just too high. when ever I asked what I was doing wrong, they kept saying nothing your doing a good job, your doing everything your supposed to be doing. Bottom line they get tax incentives to rehire people, therefore they want it to be a revolving door. Last but not least they make everyone stop working to pray 3-4 times a day, as far as I know that’s a BIG federal NO NO I come to work to work, I go to church to pray, if I wanted to pray at work, I’d work in a church

Tags: Non-Profit Charities

Address: 545 w Juanita ave. mesa, Arizona United States of America