MDS contacted our company to sell us 40 new workstations in May of 2009. We agreed upon the model and layout and signed quotation on July 6, 2009. MDS received our deposit check and the check cleared our bank on July 14, 2009.The last contact we were able to establish was July 28, 2009. Since this point, MDS has refused to answer or return our calls. They have refused to reply to letters or emails as well.In short, it appears they have stolen our deposit.We dealt with a guy named “Josef”” from their sales department. He even flew to our office out of state to measure the space and give us a layout before disappearing with deposit.The company provided us with a list of references whom we called prior to the transacation. Now

none of the references will answer their phone either. This appears to be an elaborate scam.We have reported them to the Better Business Bureau already and noticed someone else filed a similar complaint the same day.”

2701 Harbor Blvd St E-2 Costa Mesa, California United States of America