Complaint: I’m aware that this dealer may have a good reputation with Lexus, but my experience has been the opposite. They were excellent with their sales process but the service has been a completely different story. I bought a certified pre-owned Lexus from this dealer. One year later I brought it back and they claim it needed $1500 of repairs that were not covered under their CPO warranty. I had brought it back for some of these issues immediately after I bought the car and they were never fixed appropriately. A CPO car should not need that many repairs after just one year. Bottom line is the car was never brought up to CPO standards in the first place and they sold me a lemon under their certified program. Of course, I cannot prove it so they won’t do anything. The only they they said they would do is price match the repairs if I found a better price elsewhere. So I did just that and found a better price to the tune of $1000 less, then they went back on their word of price matching and would not do it. Their prices for service are simply outrageous. $400 for brake pads, $100 for an oil change… simply insane. So I did go to the other shop I found and they made the repairs for $550 bucks. In addition, when I finally got my car back from them after 2 weeks there was a scrape on the bumper that was not there before. I can’t prove that they did it, but it would not suprise me if they did. I would stay away from this dealer. Anonymous Anywhere, MichiganU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Dealer Repairs

Address: 28300 Northwestern Highway Southfield, Michigan U.S.A.


Phone: 248-372-7100