I don’t know where to start. First, the numerous posts on Sundem are correct. Sundem inflates the value of Medical Receivables owned by Mesa Pharmacy. Praxsyn is the public company that now owns Mesa as a wholly owned subsidiarty. Sundem has a long relationship with Mesa/Praxsyn and listed as a director, president of Praxsyn. He is also a shareholder of Praxsyn. All this he fails to disclose! | Sundem has travled around soliciting monies from individuals and groups to buy Mesa A/R. In the process he has fraudulantly respresented both the collectibility and value of the Mesa A/R. I am not even going into why the A/R is virtually worthless as it would take up pages. Mesa conspired with Sundem to artificially inflate the collectibility of the A/R and together they convince people the A/R is worth much more than it is. | Mesa produces a cream for worker comp injuried parties. The insurance companies hate it because it is expensive and the efficacy has never been proven. They fight payment vigourously. | Sundem trolls around finding unsuspecting people and touts the value of this A/R. He has actually collected the A/R and is intimately involved with Mesa and it’s operations (he is an owner and officer). So he knows the value and in spite of that represents it’s collectibility as much higher than actual. Mesa engages in this shell and nut game by not releasing any collection data but allowing Sundem to be the mouth piece behind the ruse. Almost all of the Mesa A/R are disputed for a litney of reasons. | Sundem is now CEO of praxsyn which is on the verge (look at the financials on Edgar). His claims of past employment are grossly overstated and he has been fired or removed from previous positions. He lists himself as CEO of MedCare and i don’t believe MedCare every did ONE deal. His partners threw him out because his collection numbers were inaccurate. | Sundem plays the Christian card pretty well. His wife claims he has had affairs, drinks and uses foul language. Maybe he is just Christian on Sunday. And as the other post stated he shipped her to Alaska and left her never going there. I assume he stays with her because her dad has money.


  • Name: MedCare Finance
  • Country: United States
  • State: Nevada
  • City: Las Vegas
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  • Phone: 1 702-764-9929
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