Who has had such bad experiences with market research companies (eg Medefield)? | Lately, the service of some medical market research companies (notably, for example, Medefield or GlocalPanel) has dropped significantly. Apparently they are indifferent to their reputation in the medical community. For example, Medefield invites you to study with a very specific fee and, at the end of the survey, they state that you can expect a fee of "0 Euro". In addition, while they undertake to pay fees within 4 to 6 weeks, but have not sent any fee codes for weeks. Colleagues have been reported to be invited by Medefield to a polling community that lasted over 9 days, and up to 10 UEGW questions were answered each day. The fee for this type of extensive survey is not lush at 195 euros anyway. The height of insolence, however, is that if one asks about paying for the study, then Medefield will ask them if they can prove that they participated in the survey. This proof can of course only come from Medefield itself in the form of a fee confirmation. And so on and so on. Who has had similar experiences with Medefield and other survey institutes? Apparently their reputation in the medical community does not matter to them now. Please have a look on SERMO, there are from othe colleagues further examples of the criminal way of working. | Steer clear of Medefield polls!


  • Name: Medefield
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: New York
  • Address: 1140 Avenue of the Americas 14th Floor
  • Phone: 212 328 8032
  • Website: www.medefield.com