So let me tell you all about Mediacom customer service. We haven’t had internet in almost a month. We originally had a tech scheduled to come out, couldn’t see us for 2 weeks. Don’t worry they said, we’ll move the appointment up when we can. They didn’t. | The day before our appointment arrives and they randomly decide to show up then. I’m not planning for them, not expecting them, am in a work meeting and can’t randomly leave to meet when Mediacom’s techs feel like showing up. So they cancel my appointment for FRIDAY because I wasn’t available THURSDAY. They re-schedule for 2 weeks later, the 27th. Then they randomly decide, no, they’re coming today. | They call my husband at work, he misses the call, but calls right back, but it doesn’t take you to the tech’s, it takes you to customer service and by the time he could get someone on the line they LEFT AND CANCELED OUR APPOINTMENT AGAIN. Oh yeah, they were sitting on my street the entire time in their van looking at me. Never got out of the van. Sat there for 5 minutes and left. | Now they’ve scheduled us for the 1st of October. This is unreal. Oh, but you better believe they’re billing us for the month of internet we HAVEN’T RECEIVED. So Medicom customer service, they have none, and they will make up 20 different reasons why their techs don’t have to do their job because they don’t want to mess with you. And online or over the phone support? | Forget about it, they will just put in for a tech call to get rid of you. So now we’re scheduled for the first, but they’ll randomly show up a different day so they can cancel. My husband and I have missed so many days of work to their nonsense.


  • Name: Mediacom Communications Corporation
  • Country: United States
  • State: Indiana
  • City: Auburn
  • Address: 1101 Auburn Dr
  • Phone: 855-633-4226
  • Website: