Complaint: I answered my cell phone by mistake as I did not have my glasses on, the woman with a heavy Latina accent said she was calling from my Insurance Co. and wanted to switch my Diabetic and Pain Medication to Mail Order. She knew all my information all she needed was for me to verify my current Endocrinologist and last 4 of Social Security which my Insurance Co. does. It was not until I hung up and realized that this is the same Number that has been calling me 3-5 Times a day for the past Two (2) months. I block every number that calls, but they call from another one and Texas numbers also. (929-290-0350, (929)-290-0351, (929)-290-0352, (929)-290-0366, (929)-290-0374, (929)-290-0383, (929)-290-0343, (929)-290-0359, (929)-290-0367, (929)-290-0375, (929)-290-0382, (929)–290-0344(929)-290-0360, (929)-290-0368, (929)-290-0373, (929)-290-0369(929)-290-0361, (929)-290-0377, each one of these numbers have called me 3-5 times a dayI Immediately called back to ask Who Are You? Where is your physical location? I was told Quote “We Cannot Give You That Information”” and Click! I called right back and said Who do you think you are hanging up on I will call the Authorities so that when you call my Doctor Tomorrow

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Address: they will be waiting again

Website: well she apologized for their behavior

Phone: Click! So I called A different Number