I purchased a medicalert bracelet from The MedicAlert Foundation and from the first week it continually fell | off of my wrist due to a defective clasp. I called and they not only would not make good on the bracelet | but it took them some 15 minutes to locate the account even though I gave them the number right off | of the bracelet. | What would happen in an emergency? I doubt if any emergency medical personal would | have the time to wait on the phone while they try to locate their records. Folks this is exactly what they are | paid to do and they don’t – quickly locate medical records they have on file. | When I said I was not happy that they would not repair or replace the bracelet and would not renew the | service they offered to give me 15% off purchase of a new bracelet – something that is always offered | on their website to anybody! | Very dissappointing.


  • Name: MedicAlert Foundation
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Salida
  • Address: 5226 Pirrone Court
  • Phone: 800-432-5378
  • Website: www.medicalert.org/