My wife ordered an item from for my upcoming birthday. They listed this specific item as in-stock at the time of purchase. The company accepted payment immediately, and sent an email receipt. One week later, the item still had not shipped. Moreover, the company was not responsive to calls, emails or posts on their Facebook page. The item was still listed as in-stock at this point in time. 1 week + 1 day – My wife is finally able to reach “Customer Service””. The individual stated that the item was NOT in-stock

and that they had taken our money

and re-ordered the item from the manufacturer/distributor. They inferred it was OUR fault for not calling them to ensure the item was in-stock (despite the site specifically listing stock availability status on the item’s listing). As of the time of this report

the site has updated it’s product availability check

and the product is now listed as Out of Stock. A full refund was immediately demanded by my wife