Andrew Rudnick, appears to be a nice person, just that the website he uses is not totally functional and in my opinion is not the worlds largest medspa community. The website has the logo of BBB but when you check with BBB they are as unlisted. | If all the people in the world have to follow Andrew they would be running around stinking rich rather driving around sitting on money. | I am simply amazed how he operates. From strikeleads to I doubt if he even owns this website as it is registered under someone else. | My complaint is not too ripp Andrew off but to make him realize that he cannot get rich getting money from others in a fashion that he thinks would work. | Other than that he is a good payor and never delays any payment. Basically a good hearted man falling into a trap of money making.


  • Name: Medspa
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Boca Raton
  • Address: 5301 N Federal Hwy Suite 250,
  • Phone: 888-408-6775
  • Website: