This place is a complete scam and fraud. DO NOT USE THEM


My Complaint: I get a prescription for the medicine I ordered and tried them out because of a cheaper price. First I tried to order online and used my CC to pay. I then received a call from them saying since I’m a first time customer I had to pay using a green dot scratch back money voucher. I was also told that I could pay half upfront using it in the sum of $240.00 and then the rest of $240.00 once received. So I paid with the green dot $240 and the next day was told I would have to pay the other $240 before they couldn’t deliver the medicine.The. I just said Nevermind and I just want my refund back of the first $240 I paid and they said they can’t do a refund because the package has already been shipped out and was in my town at FedEx. I said well I’m 5 minutes away and I can just go there and pay the rest cod ( cash on delivery) like it was suppose to be anyway. He said that we couldn’t do that. He wouldn’t give me a tracking # for it or anything until I paid the other $240. I said well just take out a return shipping fee and refund me my money and he hung up and won’t answer or return my calls. Complete fraud and now they have changed there number to 1-973-718-7613 from 609-385-2204. Now I got to talk to them and they say they don’t have a record of me ever ordering from them. Complete lying scamming India Indian fraud.


My Demand: Full refund