This married Megan Greenlee Vivo has stepped outside of her marriage MANY times with MANY men. Some married and some in relationships. Men she claims to her husband are just coworkers and/or friends she’s known “forever”. But let me focus in on one man she wrecked two different homes with. This man was married and his wife was expecting their first child. She didn’t care. She slept with him anyway, in his wife’s house and bed. He then left his first wife and got into another relationship with another woman. Megan continued sleeping with this man. When she found out he got his new girlfriend pregnant with twins, she didn’t care, she continued sleeping with him anywhere and everywhere she could. Sleeping with men who are in relationships is like a sport to her. It gives her pleasure in knowing she can “get your man.”  What’s worse is she stalked and harassed the new girlfriend and her 12 year old daughter for so long she finally got a restraining order against Megan. That didn’t even stop her, she’s violated the restraining order at least once. Unfortunately the paternity of her only son is in question. It could be one of 3 different men’s. Poor child. Megan’s husband believes he knows the whole truth about her but he has no idea. She will sleep with any man that gives her attention. Doesn’t matter where, their homes with other women, their cars, orchards, alleys, during work and after. She no longer works so now she has more time to cheat on her husband. She has the reputation of being the local c dumpster. And as if wrecking families isn’t enough she also enjoys stalking these men’s families online through social media. She loves harassing the man in this stories new wife Andrea. Calling her names & saying awful things to her like she isn’t the victim in the situation…. since when did nasty, whorish, homewreckers not know their place? Only the lowest kind of whores involve kids. Megan, you were used for your vagina. The only time these men want anything to do with you is when you’re bent over. They don’t even want to see your face… Move on because like his wife told you, if she wasn’t in the picture he still wouldn’t choose to claim you. None of these men besides her stupid/ignorant husband would. Oh and stop taking pictures that show your chest until you can cover up all those scars… Bye B****! #exposed