This “woman” Megan Leigh Cronin was a waitress at a restaurant my husband worked at, and that we frequented. She befriended him and served my children and I on several occasions. Little did I know that she was looking for any crack in our relationship she could find to worm her way in. She knew I was a stay at home mom of a special needs 18 month old and 6 month old, and flirted with my husband at work every chance she got. She knew he struggled with addiction, so she started smoking weed and doing coke with him. Then, one night while I was visiting family with the kids, she came over to my home and fucked my husband in our living room doorway, right next to our kids’ toys and surrounded by our wedding photos. Not to mention, once I found out her extensive background of drug charges, I also found out about several other relationships she’d ruined where she swore she was “just friends” with the guy and had them go behind the girls’ backs after she befriended them, too. Class act.