This disgusting human Megan Vivo has many issues. One is she is married and has cheated with multiple men. Some married & some in relationships. One man in particular was married and his wife was pregnant with her first child. Shortly after he left his wife and got into another relationship. He continued cheating on his girlfriend with Megan. His girlfriend ended up pregnant and Megan didn’t care again. She continued cheating on her husband with a man who was in another relationship who got another woman pregnant. She’s cheated in his home on the bed he shared with both his ex wife and new girlfriend. Orchards, cars, alleys. You name it she’s probably spread her legs there too. The ex wife doesn’t know any of this but the girlfriend/new wife does now. She knows because Megan stalked and harassed her via social media for 3 years and her husband finally came clean. The courts issued the new wife a restraining order against Megan but the harassment hasn’t stopped. Rumors out there are her husband possibly isn’t the father of their only child. There’s at least 3 different men that could be the Dad. She posts all over social media how much she “loves her family” but how is that possible when she’s sleeping with anyone who will give her attention? She’s an ugly person inside and out. No morals & the true definition of a home wrecker. Her relationship with this specific married man is over but she continues to obsess and harass his new wife even with the restraining order issued. I have no idea why her husband stays with her after these affairs and continued obsessing but he does. Poor stupid man….