Complaint: Complaint Against: North Shore Motor Ca Meineke Disc Muff # 365 462 Highland Ave. Salem, MA 01970 1-978-741-0335 On April 27th 2004, I had brought my car to PeP Boys to get an estimate on what it would cost to get my breaks fixed. The mechanic Bret checked it and gave Bruce the price. On the morning of April 28th, 2004 Bruce called me. He gave me a price and I felt it was too high. So I called Bruce back and told him that my son was going to come and pick the vehicle up and bring it to Meineke. My brother is the one that told me about Meineke because his car was being fixed there. So he told me to call them and I spoke to Wayne. I told Wayne the situation and that I felt Pep Boys was asking to high a price. He said we will look at it and call you back with a price. I said o.k.. He called back and gave me to different things. He said if it needs new rotors and pads it will be about $275.00. If we can buff the rotors than it will be like $165.00 at the most. I said o.k. Wayne check what it needs and call me back. He did call back and said Christine it does need new rotors so it will be $275 I said o.k. fix it then. I picked my car up from Meineke on the 29th and paid the bill. Wayne said, Christine they might squeak a bit because they are new, but don’t’ worry about it that is natural there new. The breaks felt good. It was fixed and the car seemed to run fine. Friday May 14th, I was driving back from Fall River. Around 4:23 in rush hour traffic. I got to the Bell Circle area in Revere, I put my foot to break and nothing was there. I kept cool and didn’t panic. I pumped them to see if perhaps it was some kind of fluke. Knowing I just had the breaks fixed. I remained clam and thought well if something is wrong it should not shut down all the breaks it was the front that was done. I kept pumping the breaks and making sure they would work so I could safely get the car off the road and off the highway. I did accomplish that. I called triple AAA and signed up that day so I could get the car towed. The fee was $59.00. I was told that if the car had to be brought more than three miles I would have to pay the extra cost. It did cost me $20.00 fort the towing from Revere to Salem back to Meineke. While waiting for the tow. I call Meineke and told them what happened and told them I was having it towed back to them. They said they would look at it and get back to me. May 15th Saturday Wayne called me that morning around 10:00 o’clock and said. We can’t work on your car. It has to be taken somewhere else so it can be looked at on Monday morning. I said what you are talking about. He said the reason the reason is the (ABS) anti lock breaks are lined into your breaks. We don’t’ do ABS. In turn I said Wait. You’re telling me that you can’t work on my car but you did my car knowing it had the ABS in it before you even started to work on it. And Yet did it anyway. Wayne said Well yeh: I said you did the bearings/ replaced the rotors and pads. He said Yes. I said let me ask you this? When you did this work did you bleed the lines? Wayne Said: No. I said what are you talking about that is the process when you do a break job. Wayne said: No. No not really, not always. I said, many people and mechanics said yes that is suppose to be done and it is part of the process when doing breaks. I told him that should have been done. Family members and also mechanics at Pep Boys Had said. Whoever did the job on your car they not only did it half assed, but they did it the lazy man’s way. They did the job, but did not take the time to fully complete the process of that job. Wayne Said we are going to have too have your car completely checked out, and get a full diagnostic on it. We can’t do that here. I said yes, but I am now inconvenienced without my car. I need a car. I Work in Boston. He said lets see what this other place comes up with on Monday. We will try to get it straight. I sad Wayne, at this point that is all I am asking, for my car to be fixed. You guarantee your work and I am asking you stand by it. I trusted in you people to do that. This shouldn’t have happened at all. I came very dam close to something a very serious situation. Had I not known about vehicles? We would be dealing with an entirely situation here. And yet, still I am just asking for my car to be fixed. What saved me that day is that I did not panic, and knew how to maintain myself as serious as that was. What is not being realized here is that Just that. Had I not known, anything could have happened that no one is even taking into consideration. I Very WELL could have been killed or worse killed someone else. I was placed in a very dangerous and serious situation and it was only credit to my self that I had remained calm and level headed. Had I panicked the repercussions of my life or someone else could have been fatal. I just want someone to fully understand that. Wayne said: Christine we do understand and let’s see what is going on with it first and I will call you Monday Morning. I said o.k. Wayne we’ll talk on Monday. So from Friday the 14th until Monday I did not have a vehicle. They did not even offer me a loaner. On Monday May 17th, I spoke to Paul the owner. He said they believe it is something going on with the Master Cylinder. He Said, he when he finds out he will get back to me. I said, I took my car too you people and want you to back up your guarantee and Just Fix my car. I said, I am now going on my 4th day without my vehicle or any mean of transportation. He said I can give you a loaner. I said o.k. Thank You. However wait, if I take it will my insurance cover it under my insurance. Cause if it doesn’t I don’t want to take it. Just in case anything happens. I just wanted to be protected on all sides. Paul said, we have the vehicle covered for that. I said. O.k. Great. I said, Paul I don’t want to lie to you. I have already spoken to an Attorney. I am within my rights. I entrusted your company with not only my vehicle but with the work and my safety. I just want what is fair and what is right. Still Monday the 17th around 4:35 I was driving and Paul called back my daughters Cell phone. He said, Christine you have a serious problem with this car. The dealer I had check out your car did a diagnostic on it, and came back with an answer. You have oil in your master cylinder and that is the responsibility of the person or person’s who did your oil change. I said, I said no it isn’t that is not possible. I had my oil last changed at the end of September or early October. AND IF it was done way back then problems would have happened way before now. It would have shown up a hell of a lot sooner than this. So No, that isn’t what happened to my car. It was only touched by your Company in the last two weeks. And no one has touched it since. You people are not taking the seriousness of what is happening here. I said, Bottom line had I not known what to do you have an entirely different situation here. God forbid if due to this. I had hurt someone else. I said I am not asking anything of you other than do what is right and stand by the work and guarantee you provide. I said, Look I am driving and cannot go further with this now. Call me back when I reach home. He said well this could possibly Cost you around 2,000. I said that isn’t my issue. And I do not have that kind of money. Look I said, I want my car fixed. Paul said, we want the loaner back can you get it back by 5:00. I said that is impossible seeing I am yet again on my way back from Fall River and it is now 4:35. I said I Can’t do it. I sad you still have not done anything to my car. I work in the morning so I will try to return it tomorrow before 5 O’clock closing. He was fine with that. On Wednesday May 19th, my brother Shannon spoke to Paul, and Paul had told him he will think about replacing the mater cylinder and Shannon said if you dot hat I will do the rest of the work. We can meet in the middle. But she needs her car and this isn’t her fault. That same day, When Shannon told me what was discussed I told Shannon I don’t want you to do that because then would invalidate the guarantee because you would have touched the car and they can’t honor there guarantee if that happens, or if you do something to the car. On Thursday May 20th I called Paul. He said he tried to call me many times at my office and on the cell phone number left for him. From the beginning I told them it was 15 year old daughter’s cell phone. He said well I kept calling and all I got was a bunch of friggin crap music. So I hung up, I don’t need that. He said I had tried to call your work number many times and it was always busy. I said that is impossible, I have voice mail and if perhaps I am on the line my phone can take many calls on my work phone and it can do the same with the voice mail system we have. I said, I can get that backed up with my company and verified so why you never left one message for me I don’t understand that. He asked me did anyone ever touch your car or put fluids in it. I said no. No one put fluids in my car. He said what about the hood. I said there is a problem with my hood in order to open it, it takes two people. One to lift the front and the other to pull the thing in the car itself to open it. He said and no one touched the fluids right. I said no one touched the fluids. He said o.k. and we hung up. Still on the same day about an hour later. Paul called me back and said, Christine did anyone touch your car or do anything to the fluids. I said Paul Honestly NO. He Shouted at me you’re a god dam friggin liar and well I don’t need to tell ya anymore that you don’t know. He said, yes someone did touch your vehicle. You ad it Pep Boys Before you ever brought it to us. I have right in hand a work order that says you had them look at it before us and they leveled off the fluids for you. I said Paul, wait yes I did have it there. You guys knew that I had it switched over to you guys from Pep Boys because they where to high. He said, Yeh and ya never told me you had them top your fluids off. I said no one did anything but look at my car and give an estimate. No one put any fluids in my car. He said you are a god dam liar and ya know what I’m not doing anything for your car. In fact you owe me $150.00 for doing what I already did for you and now I want your dam car off my lot. So make sure come pay me and get your car towed. I said listen this is the last contact we will have. have been totally honest with you and I am tired of you not living up to the work you put out. I said, I can back up every piece of documentation on all the work I have ever had done on my car. He said don’t call me back and do not call my cell phone number that I left for you to get in touch with me. You can talk to the guys in the shop. So I hung up on him. He called back and left a voice message on my work phone in which is still there. Telling me he don’t like people like me and he has piece of paper with proof I had fluids put in. That was the last day we spoke or I to any one from his place. I do not know where my car is at this point nor do I know what to do. I just wanted what is fair from the beginning. All I am getting is people trying to place blame on everyone else but who did the job and it happened not even two weeks after the fluids from them replacing my breaks had time to process threw the lines. From not processing and bleeding the breaks out. iF you look at the slip from them, it says right on the lines and also they checked the master cylinder and lines then how did oil get into the master cylinder after they supposedly checked it. They put on the slip that they checked those things out and also test drove the vehicle. Because they did not check out neither the master cylinder, nor the lines and never bled the breaks. And do to those facts I could have been killed or killed someone else. I have already called Pep Boys and they gave me receipts stating yes they had the vehicle and But no one ever did any work on that vehicle at all. They gave me an estimate and it was taken to Meineke gave me two print outs. That is exactly what happened and was in there store files per computer. MY Brother went and talked to the only person in Pep Boys to do work on my vehicle and his name is Bret. No one else ever touched my vehicle Bret was the only mechanic I allowed to do work on my car. He said he is also willing to sign and affidavit stating to the fact that he did not place any fluids in that car nor did he work on it at all. He looked to see what it needed and gave the paper work back to Bruce who was working the service desk that day. I have been inconvenienced to the point of having problems for anxiety attacks, and panic attacks form the stress of having to fight with them over this vehicle. I do have any and all receipts; I do have the paper work from PeP Boys that day and a mechanic who is also willing to sign and affidavit. The fact they never checked the master cylinder out. And did not bleed the break lines after replacing the breaks. If they had they would have known some type of fluid was in there and this entire situation could have been avoided and not one bit of this I am not taking buses to and from work making two connections to get home. Waiting an hour in between two bus connections. I sent A letter up to Paul: see attachment May 24th Meineke ON the morning of May 24th at 8:22 a.m. I received a call to my home from this number 1-781-592-0001. It was Paul , Started to threaten me telling me. Christine I want your car off my lot by 5 o’clock today and if it isn’t I am going to charge you $125.00 per day per storage for it. He said: you also owe me $125.00 for the towing that I had to have your car checked. Yet last week he said it cost him $150.00 to have it towed for the diagnostic. I said Paul, listen I want to straighten this out. I just want my car fixed that all. He said you friggin lied. I said (I lied, Huh) he said well at least now your admitting it. I said wait no I am not lying at all. He said yes, you lied. Now I want that car of my lot or you can start paying me the storage. We are done here and he hung up on me. In turn I took my brothers vehicle and drove up to Meineke and dropped a second letter off pertaining to May 22nd letter it was a copy. I talked to Wayne who was very nice and understanding. Neither of us yelled. I told him look I had my son drop this letter off on Saturday and it seems you don’t have it so I am bringing you a second one in an envelope addressed to Paul. IT shows that Pep Boys never did anything to my vehicle except inspect what it needed for the break job. Paul keeps insisting that I am a god dam friggin liar. Yes I have Proved to him I am not the one lying about anything I have given him straight up Proof that I am not the on lying about anything. The paper works backs up my word and I am a very honorable person. I have no reason to lie to anyone. Paul feels because I had issues with Pep Boys that I would not dare go to get the information I needed to prove myself. There has only been one mechanic who has ever worked on my vehicle at Pep because I do not want multiple mechanics touching my car. The people at Pep know in me it is nothing personal it is the business itself. So they will give me any and all documentation on my car of any work that was done. Also a mechanic who is willing to back me up in writing if need be to give me his statement. So in this Paul keeps using the word Liar and he doesn’t like liars. Well then why is it I am the one doing all the backing up my side and he is using his mouth. I am not a woman who intimidated by a man and will stand and fight for what is right especially concerning something like this in which I paid for services and was wrong in the beginning. Not all woman are airheads when it comes to knowing of there vehicles. This letter and all documentation of this compliant will be faxed out to all of the above pertaining to the letter of may 24th as of 12 O’clock today. I have never asked for any damages or payment back for being without a vehicle all this the entire 11 days without my car. I was given a car by them for one day and asked for it back. As of now with back up documentation I am having panic and anxiety attacks do to this entire situation. And yes placed on meds. I do not like being threatened by anyone. All I ever asked for was MY CAR BE FIXED. I work and need my transportation. I think going without one own vehicle for that amount of time is ridiculous. When they won’t even back up there Guarantee. Nor will them reliaze that had I not handle the situation I did. There would be a major lawsuit. For any bodily harm done to me or by me causing it to anyone else. I will not be threaten nor will I stand and be called a god dam liar from anyone when in fact the documentation I hold is fact not fiction. Thank you , Christine Lynn, MassachusettsU.S.A.

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