I wanted to let folks know about my bad experience with Melaleuca especially since they like to tout themselves as being different from similar companies. I first contacted Melaleuca this past fall–2003 because someone had given me Melaleuca’s laundry soap as a gift. I did like it and I wanted to buy some more. nSomehow through slick maneuvering I ended up signing a contract to get a special discount, but I also had to buy around fifty dollars worth of their products a month. If I didn’t buy any of their consumer products in a given month, then my credit card was zapped for $44.99 and I was sent a convenience certificate to buy the products at a later date. This was to be done on a monthly basis. nAs a single person, I found it difficult to buy that much. Unfortunately, I did not really understand this process when (if?) it was explained during the slick sales presentation. When I did figure it out, I tried to cancel my membership over the phone by giving all my pertinent information, but I was told I had to write a letter. So, by the time that was done, another convenience certificate was drawn up and sent. This convenience seems more a benefit to the company than to the consumer. nWhen I called to have that certificate cancelled so I could be reimbursed, I was told in brutal terms that that was not possible. I would have to buy another $44.99 worth of their products that I don’t want or need. I am disgusted by this. nI have contacted my credit card company and refused payment so they will be disputing the charges. By the way, their laundry softener gave me a horrible rash so I don’t think Melaleuca’s products are as clean and safe as they claim. I will try to return those products if they allow me to now that I am a nonmember. nAlso, I suppose I could have just decided to buy the products without the discount, but they are not much of a bargain at that price. There are plenty of affordable safe products similar to theirs available at health food stores or in the health food section of large grocery stores, by the way. nSo, please beware if Melaleuca knocks at your door! Ask questions, read the fine print, and be realistic. I met a woman in my hometown, who got caught into the same web and ended up cramming her house full with Melaleuca products she didn’t always need or even use just so she could get the discount and meet her monthly quota until she finally was able to quit. nIn conclusion, I want to say that I don’t think Melaleuca is different that any other mlm or pyramid company no matter how much Melaleuca fans may try to say that. If it was different they would not coerce you into buying products by requiring that you buy a certain amount each month. They would also not enforce this policy by getting your credit card number and then using it to make you buy and most importantly if they were different they would make it easy for you to quit by doing it over the phone rather than demanding a letter. I suppose they could say it has to be a letter for security reasons, but please give me a break Why would someone other than myself call up to cancel? nJudging by the large number of complaints similar to mine that I have found on several sites on the internet, this is happening a lot so I am not going to enter into a big debate with Melaleuca loyalists who will claim it is unusual or they will sing the praises of this company or they may get insulting. I am not going to get sucked into that. I am stating my truth and then I am moving onMelaleuca groupies need to remember that their happy experience with Melaleuca is exactly that: theirs not mine or anyone else’s. Plenty of other folks have had and are having bad experiences with this company. If Melaleuca was different they would change their policies so that everyone might have a good experience with them. nJonasnlaramie, WyomingUnited States Minor Outlying Islands Click here to read other Ripoff Scamss on Melaleuca

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