I have been married for 11 years to a man I thought was amazing. I was wrong, and this past weekend I found out how wrong I really was. My husband had been communicating with this whore since September I thought I put an end to it when I saw the cell phone records but again I was wrong. He created a Tango account and kept talking to her. This past weekend her husband got a hold of me and told me everything. He sent pictures and messages between the two of them. It turned my stomach. When confronted with some but not all evidence he laughed. I kicked him out of the house after that. She on the other hand kept messaging him over and over for hours. He of course responded to them. His family knows of him cheating on me and they have condoned his behavior! Obviously they only know what he tells them, and you would assume that after 11 years of us being family, they would ask for my side of the story, but alas, they have not. || Either way, he is active duty military and I have taken the first step in making this stop. I turned all evidence as to their affair and a no contact order has been issued! She claims that won’t stop the two of them being together! I say differently!