This is Melanie West Vigil. She spends her free time using snapchat filters and sexting married men. She attended my wedding so she knew 100% that my husband (now ex-husband) was married. She sent nude photos and graphic descriptions of what she wanted to do to him. All the while texting me and lying straight to my face. I have firm proof of the sexting and the pics. I do not have firm proof that they actually slept together, but I suspect they did. Call me old fashioned, but I consider exchanging naked pics with married men to be a no no. My ex is not blameless either, but at least he’s been honest about it. Melanie drove a line drive down the middle of my marriage and all I got was her fake friendship and lies, lies, lies. She is married and her husband has no idea. Yet… If you don’t want to end up on sites like this, live your life so that you don’t.