Melinda is a psycho wanna be home wrecker. I’ve been married to my husband for 15 years and we have been together for 17 years now. He met this skank when he worked at UTSA as a driver. She’s one of those desperate women that thinks just because a man is nice he wants to get in her pants. My husband and I had been having problems and decided to separate. The fool thought we were over for sure so decided to hook up with this skank after drinking some. I had gone through our phone logs and noticed this one number kept showing up as incoming calls so I called it. She denied even knowing him so I searched her phone number on facebook and found her and the pictures she had been posting. Soon after all this he realized his huge mistake and has since been trying to work things out with me to save our family which has been difficult with that huge mistake he made. Over a year later this whore was texting him saying she wanted him back. || Since he rejected her, she started texting me saying he wants her back, etc. This had continued for a couple weeks so my husband changed his cell number and work cell number so she can’t contact him anymore. Recently she’s been texting me from various different numbers since I keep blocking the numbers once I find out it’s her. Now she’s blasting on facebook that my husband is harassing her, when in fact its her harassing me. She claims she’s filed a police report on him for harassment and that he cannot be at UTSA without a police escort which is funny to us because we would’ve received some sort of notice. She also tried passing by the house at first until I let her know I knew where she lived. This isn’t her first wanna be home wrecker try either, she has a history of doing this. She had posted pics of the two of them (that she put together, none of them were them sitting together, always separate pics of them in a collage) and as soon as I mentioned attorney, she took the posts down. Now she’s blasting on facebook that he won’t leave her alone, blah blah blah. She’ll get what she deserves one day, karmas a bitch and I just hope I’m around to see it happen to her.