Complaint: I bought a show puppy from Millie Schiffer at Mella Malta maltese and when he arrived he did not have testicles. He was matted and also had an ear infection that required a vets attention. Since you cannot show a male maltese without testicles much less breed him it was nothing but fraud on Millies part. I agreed to ship the puppy directly to the handler so he could start on his show career as soon as possible- that was $350.00 just to ship him and I paid an additional $2850.00 for the puppy. When confronted with the fact that he didn’t have any testicles Millie said “I didn’t know”” like that was a good excuse. She calls herself a show breeder but didn’t even know whether the puppy had testicles or not??? When asked if she would refund my money she said “”I’ll do whatever you want”” I asked her to refund my money via paypal like I had paid her. It has been almost 3 mos now and I have not received any money back. When I have talked to her she always gets off subject when she does answer her phone. She did sell the puppy and said when she sold him she would refund my money but of course she lied about that also. The new puppy owner called the handler upset that she was going to spend money on surgery for him because of his testicles and when Millie sold him to her she did not tell her about this and then told the customer that the handler was the one that bred the puppy. You can imagine the handlers surprise when she got this phone call about a puppy that was not her breeding. the handler and I were wondering why she would tell this woman this lie?The owner of the puppy said that Millie had about 15 dogs and all of them were dirty.All of this has been very upsetting to me but also the handler had to take the puppy to the vet and then ship him back to Millie. a lot of trouble for nothing not even an apology to either one of us. I just want my money back!! Ive attached the report from the vet showing that the pups testicles had not descended and he was about 6 mos old.”

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