It all began for me about last August 2012 when my son was playing peewee football. Or at least that is when I believe it began!! My boyfriend and I have been together 3 years or so and have lived together for a little over 2 years. My son and his daughter live with us as well. The homewrecker has a son that played on the same peewee football team as my son and she was also the teams “team mom”. Well, she started out just texting my boyfriend to ask I there was anything her son could do to better himself at football. Or so they say that’s what it was about! Here is the catch though. He had messed with this scum bag before when he was still married to his ex-wife. The ex-wife and the homewrecker were friends and she caught them having an affair and ended up beating the whore’s ass! So now he is with me and I got along with this whore so my son would enjoy football! Besides their affair happened before I came into the picture so I wasn’t going to automatically have beef with her until she gave me a reason. || Well she has given me plenty! I suspected things but could never prove it. Like my boyfriend had a mark on his neck and she had a mark on her neck at the same time during football and I didn’t put the mark there! He had excuses for everything! Well, his daughter began having an attitude problem and some problems at school. I dug into it all and found out that the whore’s daughter (that is about the same age as his daughter) was telling kids at school that my boyfriend was her real dad and that her mom and him loved each other. She even had my step daughter bring letters home to my boyfriend. Saying she wanted to come stay with him because he was like her dad and blah blah. I confronted the whore and my boyfriend. Both denied any type of relationship. I finally just hacked into his Facebook and there it all was! They were messaging on Facebook and even calling each other thru Facebook messenger (that was why it didn’t show on the phone bill and he could get around the block I had on her number)I found lovely pics of her and plenty of messages they had. Him telling her he loved her and all that. So I kicked him out. He begged to come back and I let him for his daughter’s sake. || I still felt like he was lying. I got his phone one Sunday and found it all. She had created numbers off of something called pinger. She would come to his job in the middle of the night (he works midnights) and they would screw in the parking lot! Yeah she is real classy! I found all sorts of pics (very nasty pics) she should be ashamed to even let someone take a pic of her down there with it looking like that! Well I packed all his stuff and put it outside for him to get. I kept his phone because it was in my name. I went to her husband and told him everything and showed him everything! Finally I have let him come back home but he is seeing a therapist and working really hard on changing. I don’t know if it is truly going to work or not I am taking it one day at a time. But this whore needs to be exposed. She only goes after men that are taken! Once I posted all her messages and nasty pics on Facebook for everyone to see you would not believe how many calls and messages I got saying this whore had done the same thing to their relationship! So please beware of this low life whore!!!