Complaint: I was working for Melton Truck Lines company based in Tulsa,OK.I picked up a load going to New Jersey came out of Schofield,WI .I picked up the load planned my trip I set my ETA to deliver at 1100 on the deliver date due to high wind,construction,and dense fog with a light load.The fog in the morning on PA toll road and Ohio toll made visability poor.I told my driver manager Ron Hembre and his senior driver manager Roberto about it but,they said it didn’t matter put it there at 8 am.I told them there was a lot of road work going on Roberto didnt care he said speed i refused.I was told to come to Tulsa Monday on the 6 of Oct.Roberto and Ron tried to get me to resign I said,I wasnt quitting cause I did what was right obey the speed limit.Roberto and Ron said if I didnt they would mess up my dat report so I went to safety and then they said I was on my ten hour break too long. Safety said my logs and safety was great it was Roberto and Ron.I told safety since I came under them too I was being judged cause, when other drivers were asked was they being done that way they said Roberto and Ron a lie on you.They also said Ron Hembre was racist toward African-Americans and Hispanic or if u didnt do it his way.I knew he was cause he kept calling u buddy like u was a dog instead of by yo name.I feel like they wanted me to risk someone life with that load instead of taking in consideration it could be my life also.They also wanted me to change the address on bill of laden when they lie to shippers bout were the load was going.I think I was judge and threatened by Melton Truck Lines.I ask to talk to someone higher they said no cause they was gonna stand behind them no matter what a driver say.

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