Complaint: Looking at my checking account I noticed there were two separate charges for $24.95 on my statement monthly. I had no Idea what it was for so I called the 800# that accompanied it. It was some coupon company out of Hopkins Minnesota. My advice is twofold – get a credit card that has “protection services”” to guard against these bogus charges – second – review your monthly statements – I was lax – I contacted the company and asked what the charges were for – they could not tell me. I asked for a refund – they said they would send out a “”refund form”” and to fill in the amount that should be refunded – somehow I do not have faith that my loss will be refunded – However the Chase account that I have has a purchase protection plan at no cost to me. They have put a block on this company so that they will no longer be able to debit my card

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Address: AND I can file a complaint form that will enable Chase to go after this company. Your best defense is a good offense – protect yourself – review your monthly statements and question everything that does not make sense.”


Phone: Membership Services, Hopkins MN Hopkins, Minnesota United States of America