<p>Nebraska Court of Appeals Memorandum Opinions NOT Selected for Posting to Court Website (released the week prior to November 3, 2020) The following memorandum opinions were filed by the Nebraska Court of Appeals and can be viewed using SSCALES: A-20-278, A-20-279, A-20-280 In re Interest of Alexa M. et al. The above-listed memorandum opinions can be viewed online through the appellate court case search available by subscription through Nebraska.gov: http://www.nebraska.gov/subscriber/. Current subscribers to Nebraska.gov can search appellate court cases here: https://www.nebraska.gov/courts/sccales/. A-XX-XXXX Nebraska Court of Appeals nebctapp Neb. Ct. App. Memo Opinions NOT Selected for Posting 3 November 2020 Published f3945584517e0ecdabac1aa627b9f5fcad7d70ba</p><br>
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