I had 2 crowns done at Memorial Dentists. The first, I was having sensitivity and it was suggested I needed a root canal. The first root canal specialist I went to just wanted the money for the service but took x-ray of my tooth and told me that there was a gap between my tooth and the crown Memorial Dentist put on! I had always suspected my crown was not put in correctly. So I went back to Memorial Dentists and they ordered me a new crown and fixed it at no additional charge. I”m glad they referred me to that root canal guy so he could inform me of the mess-up with my crown. Memorial Dentist was upset that the root canal guy told me my crown was messed up. They thought it was unprofessional that the guy commented on their work. Anyway after the crown was fixed I had no more issues with it. I went to another root canal specialist for an opinion just to be sure, and they said no root canal was needed. So I guess it was just the poor work MD did on the crown. Crown #2, a temp was created, went back to get my permanent and the permanent didn”t fit right. I was there for 2.5 hours as they drilled and grinded, and picked at that tooth to get it to fit. Taking it in and out of my mouth…they did a final xray and determined there was a gap between my tooth and crown. With all the adjustments they were making to it, the crown was made worse and not better. So they ended up making a new temporary crown and I need to go back to get a new permanent. Now I”m out of town with my new temporary and my gums are throbbing!! I think maybe my bite needs to be adjusted or something!! And now I”m stuck with the pain for a week until I can get back Houston!! Plus, I also found out they over-charged me a $155 for my crown! I was reviewing my benefits and looking at what I paid to them, contacted my benefit provider, and found out I was overcharged. Memorial did provide with my refund within a week. However, I”m wondering how many other things I was over-charged for and if I wouldn”t have happened to look that up, i would have never gotten my money back! This is my last time utilizing their services!