Be very cautious with this company. They don’t do what they promise on ntheir website and what is even worse, ther take no responsibility for ntheir actions. This is what happened to me: nI wanted to upgrade the memory in my laptop. I am a computer technician nand I know that to find a memory stick that is compatible with my laptopn is very hard. It’s not enough to know if you need SD or DDR memory, nthere are a whole bunch of details that the memory has to match. I nneeded the memory urgently, so I went online to find a company, who can ndeliver me the right module, thus avoiding the trial and error of buyingn and inserting many different memory modules. Basically I wanted to findn a company with experts. I was very happy to find Memory Giant because nthey said on their website exactly what I wanted to hear. I’m going to nquote what they wrote at different parts of their website:n”… we can garantee you a 100% compatible ram upgrade for your computer TODAY!”” n””MemoryGiant guarantees this product to be compatible with your system and deliver the performance you need.”” n””Your Compaq HP Presario V2000 only supports modules made with a nspecific type of chip. Should you find what seems to be the exact same nmemory elsewhere for a lower price

it is very possible that the cheapern memory will not work in your system. By using the MemoryGiant Memory nFinder your selected memory modules are guaranteed to work or your moneyn back!”” nAll right

having read all these convincing words I surely went ahead nand ordered the memory module for my laptop. I received the memory in a nfew days and immediately wanted to install it in my laptop. I inserted nthe memory

turned on the computer and nothing. The computer turned on nbut nothing on the screen. A typical sign of memory incompatibility. I ntook it out and immediately checked if maybe they shipped me a differentn type of memory and no

the memory was the one they said I needed for myn system. Being a technician I had several laptops laying around