We bought a Yard Machines Weed Whip at Menards about two weeks ago. About a week after we bought my husband (who admittedly, does not know a ton about such items) began to put it together–with the assistance of my uncle (who is very informed and capable when it comes to this kind of thing). So, they got it all put together, but the head with the whip kept falling off and they couldn’t get it to start. Now, if it had been just my husband, I probably would have thought it was user error, but when my uncle also couldn’t get it to function, I realized it had to be the machine. So we packed it back up and put it back in our car to return today, about a week later. But Menards refuses to take the item back or return our money. The receipt says that the product can be returned, but Menards refuses, saying it is against their policy–which by the way, is not posted anywhere. Instead, they insist that we go through their service center, claiming that it is not Menards’s fault the product is defective. The store manager actually used these words: “We are just the retailer!”” I could see this being a little more persuasive if the product had ever worked

but it literally never worked. And

the store manager then continued

“”Imagine how another customer would feel

if we let you return this item and then sold it to them.”” I could not believe that he admitted that he would sell a product that he knew did not work. That alone shows that the company is out to screw the consumer! Its at the service center now (which is a local retailer) and at least they seem to know what they are doing. And hopefully