Complaint: Hi friends i m past employee of Mentors House which is located in Dwarka sector 20 New Delhi. I am warning you all candidates who are going to join or joined the company, this company is not registered and they are not providing any legal document to you for the surity for that you joined there company. They hire experienced person only and put them on probation period of 45 days. Many times they fired good candidates or make them unemployed, i am warning you all please dont go for join this company Mentors House they will show you many dreams and discuss benefits of joining there company but when you joined them thwy will decline your work quality and not increasing your salary after their increament period. They tried many times to make best company but the cant make bcos employees are not happy to work with them. At there startup level they fired many employees of Mentors House and dont paid there salary or not provided experience letter too.

Tags: Internet Service Providers

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 8800887777