Complaint: I recieved a call from Continental Warranty, they said they worked with my dealership, where i bought my car, so i agreed to the warranty plan, the plan sounded so good, my car would be completely covered as soon as i began payments. Then I had car trouble so i took in my car for repairs, but most the garages, repairs shops, and including my dealership company. I asked why they would suggest this company to me if they did not accept their warranty, and my dealership said they did not recommend any warranty companies to me or anyone else. I tried to contact the warranty company, but i just got the run around. Is there no one we can trust! I want my money back! I can not use this service contract in my place of residents, now continental warranty will not cancel my contract. Marcella crownpoint, New MexicoU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Warranty

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