Complaint: I was hired in May of 2010 to post blogs all over the internet praising Merchants Barter Exchange and the many “benefits of barter””. I was hired by Steve Bolles the owner who agreed to pay me $150 for every blog that was posted. I was supposed to be paid once a month. In all I posted 28 blogs my first month but Bolles sent me a check only for $3

Tags: Sales People

Address: 800 – and it bounced! He claimed it was an “”accounting error”” and told me that he would send me a check for $5

Website: I called Bolles and he he sent me $2

Phone: 000 every month if I agreed to be a “”referral”” for MBE franchises. Regretfully I agreed (sorry but my family is facing a foreclosure and I have three kids to feed). He gave me the name of “”Simon Hopkins”” and I played the role of a prosperous and satisfied MBE franchise owner in Cleveland