Metro has now defaulted on both there suppliers and the project managers. They are not able to pay anyone. The reason for this is that they have dishonest leaders in Andrew and Jerod and the company is carrying WAY to much overhead. Anything they tell you verbally about getting paid means nothing. The marketing is weak, customers either don’t actually agree to meet with a PM or don’t have any idea why we are coming over. This leads to a very high no show no entry rate on appointments all over the state. The roofing and window work is below average. They use Owens Corning’s cheapest shingle Oakridge. Lack of work, poor management made it hard to keep subs. If your roof is being done by Nacho get the buckets out it’s gonna be leaky. We had install, scheduling and punch list issues on over half the jobs I and others ran. It’s hard to get referrals when you are putting out fires. You are a 1099 “partner”” who is paid only via commission

but you have to come in every day for a morning meeting even if your appointments are hours away

drive canvassers out to get leads even if they don’t give you any

and you get a flat 10% commission unless they decide the job didn’t make enough money then they take it. No you don’t get any extra bonus if the job does well. Here are the real numbers: Metro had less than 1

000 jobs last year which were listed as sold. Roughly 33% of those fall out due to adjuster denies and customer changing mind or doing their research. They cycled through over 90 Project managers/Sales people. Almost none of which are with them anymore. I only know of one guy who has been with Metro over a year