1. Before Ultrasound test, they told me the total price after my blue cross blue shield insurance was $74. But later it turned out they billed me for $2058.75 and the price became $1142.09 after insurance. I think they broke the contract law rests on the centuries-old concept of “mutual assent,” in which both sides agree to a price before services are rendered. | 2. When I requested the itemized bill, I found they did extra analytical procedure duplex analysis, composing main cost of the bill, in which they claimed it was medically necessary. My doctor office did not the that specific procedure. | 3. My doctor order the exact same order in another hospital this year. There is no extra analytical procedure (duplex analysis) performed. With same exact insurance, the price after BCBS is $55 exactly as what I quoted before the second service. | 4. They broke the mutual contract law, otherwise I could have rights to choose other hospital to do the test with cheaper price for such a simple ultrasound test.


  • Name: Metro Health Hospital
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Wyoming
  • Address: 5900 Byron Center Ave SW
  • Phone: (616) 252-7200
  • Website: metrohealth.net/