Complaint: Take warning that Metropolitan Group Home Renovations from Denver Colorado should be avoided. We signed a contact to have them do our work. Part of the deceptive contract was that they were entitled to all overhead and profit and supplement money paid by our insurance. Our estimate was $20,000 in damage to our home. Metropolitan Group Home Renovations stated it would be $15000 in repairs, our insurance company sent a check for almost 21k. They used very low quality materials, the home was repaired in early March and with it being June, we see that the fresh paint is now peeling away from our home and every corner of our home. Our stain on our fence has also peeled. The home looks like a complete mess, so I opted instead of wasting my time with these people again to hire ethical contractors. We spoke to other contractors that stated that our repairs should have costed in the area of $10-12k. We brought this up to Troy King who overseen our work on our home he stated that we signed a contract and thats that. They fought with our insurance company to also raise the amount of money received as they said it wouldnt be enough to repair the home, this was only done to further line their pockets with insurance money. Avoid them at all costs. They had me sign this contract so they could act as a mediator of some sort to talk to the insurance company. This is a waste of time and only a way for them to sign a contract early to lock you in so they can be entitled to your overhead, profit, and supplement money. This in no way benefits you or helps your insurance claim. Signing a contract with them before work starts only screws you in the end. They in no way shape or form benefit you with speaking to your insurance, keep in mind that the contract entitles them to your entire check which they try and get more from the insurance to further cash in! Stay away from Troy King and Daniel King. I have told my entire neighborhood about this contract scam and will continue to do so.

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