Complaint: i have a problem with a metro politan patrol ever since she came my life is benn hell. i get tickets for disterbing peace at day time just because i play my guitar i cant bealeve it. i also have i evil neighbor and the worse thing of all is that they teamed up to make my lufe more misrable. know i also get tickets for parking my car in front to take out my grosories i cant take it no more i live in a mobilehome park in pomona and everybody is tired pf having her her .i just want to be happy again need her to leave me alone aslo they need to stop taking pictures of me invadong my privacy 24 /7 cant take it no more need help before i go crazy !!!!!no more metropolitan in my life plz her id number is 143 i cant read her name on the ticket but it is a female

Tags: Police

Address: USA