Within 15 minutes of receiving a fax for a travel deal for $249pp, I called and was told the trip was sold out and then in the same sentence was told they still had openings for groups. I was told this was a 6-day, 5-night vacation, that it was open-ended, no blackouts, required a 45-day notice prior to departure and that we could travel anytime beginning July 25 and that the deal was good until 7/25/20. nI spoke with Rico (ext. 349) who I must say knows very well how to con people. I was told this price included airfare from Manchester NH Orlando and then to Cancun. It was all inclusive — 3 meals a day in 4 & 5 star restaurants, room with 2 queen size beds, all drinks (hard and soft). The only extra was that, upon on arrival at the resort, we would have to pay $99pp for tax and gratuities because no gratuities could be accepted on the grounds. Okay, so now we are up to $348pp. I am ready to sign-up! nNow, of course, Rico asked for my credit card # to book it and because were two other couples wanting to travel with us, I told I could not book all three on my card. He told me I could pay for two right then ($498 total) and then I could call back and add the other two couples for the same price. Then I told him I needed to talk it over with my husband and I would call him back. Then the festivious mood changed. He said “I knew you were going to do thatnand if you don’t book it now

when you call back

the same deal won’t be available.”” So

I told him to forget it because I wasn’t going to do it without discussing it with my husband. I told him I would call him back and he insisted in wanting to call me back. So

I gave him my number and called me within 15 minutes. nI had talked to my husband and he was a little leary