Steve Dibert is the criminal ( far from a mastermind) behind the scam to get the homeowner in trouble to believe that he can help them. He tells wonderful stories on his success stories and how great he and his services are and how without him you will lose your home. He is a con artist and low life piece of garbage. This is the last guy you want to shake hands with. He never washes his hands after using the bathroom. He is a real ### bag. To all the people who want to hire him please read all the messages on the web first. He has been robbing people as far back as 2009 and changed the company name. He is from Michigan and is the biggest criminal ever. His reports are worthless garbage like him. He has never testified at a single trial in any state. He is also a closet homosexual as you can read from other reports on the web. He is the nastiest and most ugly guy you will ever see in your life. All he does is bilk people for money and harass people that do not agree with his point of

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