Magic Jack is the worst company ever. We ordered the device and after noticing our account had money removed for it and we had not received it, I contacted the company the ONLY way there is which is online with live chat. The reps at that time seemed helpful and told me when we received the replacement we would still have our 30 day free trial (which was the informercial advertisement). nAfter finally receiving the device, my husband tried for three days to get it to work. It froze up the computer, couldn’t get a signal on the phone…nothing about it worked! Again only way to contact was live chat online. I was told that the 30 day trial period started with shipment of the one that was lost and I could NOT return the device. I argued (best way possible on live chat) and was basically told TOUGH and I’m stuck with it! They have an ‘F’ rating with the West Palm Beach, Florida BBB (which is where they are out of), I have filed complaints with BBB, FTC, FCC, 1 of the television stations I saw last night (1-15-09) being advertised and with the Florida Attorney General who has them under investigation anyway. BEWARE and do NOT purchase this item! You will regret it! I have also found several complaints on this company through doing research online! nTweetynRose Hill, KansasU.S.A. West Palm Beach, Florida U.S.A.

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