Complaint: NOTICE OF COMPLAINT AGIANST MAIMI CUSTOM POOLS AND SPAS, LESSETTE FIGUERORA I would like to file a compliant against Miami Custom Pool and Spas. (14137 sw 119 Ave, Miami, Fl, 33186 Fl License CPC 1458000) I contracted to build a pool with Miami Custom Pool and Spas back in August , 2011 and deposited 5350 dollars with Lessette Figuerora, . It took her over a YEAR just to get the permits needed and plans approved. which point I gave her another 16000 for “to order materials”” …this was back in Oct 2012. To this date

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: she has not done a single act of work in actually building me pool (except for permits and plans being finally approved after over a year of fails); Since then

Website: .etc

Phone: I have made many attempts to email and phone her and her “”company “” with NO results. other than “”thanks for keeping me informed….or…Lessette is out of town and will not be back for a while””..etc