Young Kids solicited in our neighborhood in Hampden County claiming that they are raising money by selling magazines. I kept all the original receipts and all fax confirmation receipt as proof of my coordination with this so called Face to Face Technologies, Inc. P.O. Box 18352 Golden Colorado 80402, The receipt Header is Miami Dream Team, Inc. I requested for my refund and the so called ACA Clearing house sent me a confirmation card with reference receipt # F216163 to ensure that they will send my 50 dollars refund. That was in Aug 4, 2008. I faxed them 8/5, 8/13, 8/22, and 12/5/2008 and have not received any response nor refund from this company. This is scam and need to be stop. I will write and pursue this matter if I have to. it is no longer about the money, this is more about principle and stopping this company to cheat and steal from other people. Please refer me to the right direction to exposed this company.

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