We made a reservation, and put down a deposit. Over a week later, we received this from Saskia, the rental agent… I deeply apologize but, we have a problem with your reservation. The owner was out of town and he just arrived to inform me that I cannot rent the property less than a week in Premium Season or High Season. I am so sorry, but I must cancel the reservation as the price is higher $ 3,700 and you have been charged with $ 2,685. A summary of what happened next… Saskia called me today and simply told me that she is cancelling the reservation unless we agree to pay an additional $1015 over what was specified in our contract. The manager is supposed to call me back tomorrow, but she indicates the manager gave her this direction and they aren’t willing to consider any kind of negotiation. In short, she wasn’t willing to listen to anything or discuss the contract at all…they simply aren’t standing behind the contract. I doubt they will do the refund. But thankfully, the charge can be disputed, and these crooks have no ground to stand on since we had a contract.

1329 Alton Road Miami Beach, Florida USA



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