Owner agreed to an exchange of three days at his vacation home for eight nat mine (even though both homes rent for about $650 a night, we really nneeded a place to stay because my son was at Children’s Hospital for an noperation). I paid a $150 cleaning fee and a $500 security deposit. Then whole time we were there, the showers didn’t work. Owner called a nplumber, but the problem was not fixed. After I checked out, I asked ifn he could refund the $150 cleaning fee because of the inconvenience of nhaving no showers. At that point he said I was in breach of my contractn for asking, and he would not only NOT return the $150, but he wouldn’t return our n$500 security deposit either! Even though we left the place in nimmaculate shape. It’s one thing to cheat someone, it’s something entirely different to cheat someone while they have a child in the hospital.

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