Complaint: Michael Harrison, Attorney at Law 3155 Route 10 East, Ste. 214 Denville, NJ 07834 To the Law Office of Michael Harrison; I am in receipt of the letter dated 07-20-17 an dispute this bill. Firstly, this is not a bill from the doctoru2019s office. This is an itemized bill from your office. This is not the proof that I am requesting, I need the actual bill from the doctoru2019s office with the dates, codes and explanation of the charges as proof. Secondly, I have proof of the misdiagnosis from the doctoru2019s office. The incompetent doctors (4) that saw me that day had no clue. The procedure they did in the office was not necessary: I was unable to walk properly and I had considerable pain. They also told me it was no cure for the diagnosis and that was all. Thirdly, this is not what is owed to the doctoru2019s office. Lastly, I will not pay for a misdiagnosis, neither will my insurance company. Fourthly, I called on 07-14-17 was told I did not have an account. Then I called back on 07-19-17 this matter was placed on my credit report when the rude receptionist hung up on me on 07-19-17. I looked on my credit report and there it was in a blink of an eye. You do not get to place something on my credit while I am disputing the matter and because you have unprofessional staff. Lastly, I have notified my insurance copy of this misdiagnosis and will have all monies returned to my insurance from the doctoru2019s office. I will notify the Attorney Generalu2019s office of this practice. I will in turn consult with my attorney for further advice on how to proceed. Please consider this letter a communication to resolve this issue.

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Address: 3155 Rte 10 East, ste 214 New Jersey USA