Complaint: This person using POF dating site. Sends you pictures of a guy name John Key Former Prime Minister of New Zealand. He goes after lonely women or widows. He sweet talks you into thinking he is a lonley widow looking for love. After weeks of endless emails, texts and even phone calls, he tell you he is in love with you and want your address so he can fight in to meet you. He claims he’s from germany and now live in Lexington Ky. At the last minute he comes up with a story that he has to go to Turkey to settle his dead father’s estate. He even send you roses to your house. Then while he’s setting his dad estate he is short some money and his credit card was stolen. BEWARE BEWARE I usually don’t fall for scams and i am very cautious but this guys is very good at what he does. He using the phone number (((REDACTED))).

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Address: n/a Lexington, ky United States