Hiring Mike Janc (Michael P. Janc) was a mistake! He uses several business names that he is Not affiliated with. He creates confusion by saying he is through Landmark Roofing or MJ construction, but he is Not. Heu2019s a sleazy salesman with no business ethics. Say goodbye to your hard earned money. He will ask you to write a check directly to him (or his wife). Donu2019t do it. Heu2019s a snake. He has no respect for personal property. He put a hole through our ceiling, left a water hose running on the side of the house for two days, left a huge mess to clean up, and the roof looks worse now than it did before the repairs. Plus, he never completed all the work he was paid to do. There is not enough space to write how awful our experience was with him. Youu2019ve been warned.

10629 Leesa Dr. Mckinney, Texas USA

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