I am a somewhat avid fantasy football enthusiast, and I was listening to the XM Radio fantasy sports channel (I believe it is channel 87) when I heard a commercial to call 800-741-1122 to get advice from a “fantasy football expert” who has made over 3 million dollars playing weekly fantasy football games on Draft Kings and Fan Duel. | So I think – okay, let me call and see what this is about. | I was told that they guarantee that you will (eventually) win at least 10x what you “invest” by using their lineups. So, in other words, you could purchase a set of 10 fantasy lineups that (depending on how you play) would be guaranteed to win at least SOMETHING. If you buy-in to their “service,” you will get new lineups every week until you make 10x your initial investment…. that is the “guarantee.” | Next thing I know I’m getting text messages asking me to create new Draft Kings accounts with the promo code “paige” to receive 10 more lineups. I replied to the text – “Well why did I pay $200???” | The reply I got indicated that the paid lineups are “better lineups.” | So – out of morbid curiosity, I signed up for a different Draft Kings account with their promo code so that I could see what lineups they sent me. | Well, I got the SAME EXACT lineups that I received when I paid $200. | We’ll see what happens when the games are done on Sunday, but I am pretty sure that I have been scammed. I hope you don’t have similar issues.


  • Name: Michael Paige
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 800-741-1122
  • Website: