Michael is the most unprofessional, rude and insulting construction person I’ve ever worked with and I’ve built 2 houses this year. I’m not able to call him a contractor because he still hasn’t been able to prove he has a contractor’s license in the state of Arizona. I paid him $6500 for a deposit to build cabinets for a home I am remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ back in July 2015. Several weeks past and he hadn’t started building anything, it’s now September 1st. We hired an attorney to make sure all our permits were in place and during the research process our attorney discovered Michael did not have a contractor’s license, which he claimed he did. To protect our interests long term we decided to request a full refund, since Michael had not built cabinets for us and had no written penalty in any contract. He agreed to pay us in two installments because he was waiting for money from another job. This perplexed me since he hadn’t built our cabinets, where had he spent our money? | After much back and forth and several rude and condescending emails (even though I kept my cool and was very cordial in my requests) from Michael he agreed to drop off a $4,000 check to me. We had to hunt him down for days because he didn’t show up when he originally promised to. He then committed to dropping off a check for the remaining amount he owed us and never showed up. I just discovered yesterday that his $4,000 check bounced so I sent him an email and he rudely told me he had no money, yet had not warned me his check might bounce. When I threatened legal action, since he has now stolen $6500 from me, he recited what I would have to go through to recoup the money from the bad check and sarcastically wished me the best of luck. We have been very patient and willing to work with him to get our money back. He seems way too familiar with bad check laws in the state of Arizona, which also worries me. | He’s held our money for a full business quarter with no product or service being provided to us. Per his email he states “I am not a thief or a crook but if you want to treat me as one I will be more than happy to give you the full experience… The choice is yours…”. I doubt any consumer that paid as much as we did would want to endure this type of treatment. The definition of a thief or crook is someone who has stolen something, which in this case is $6500. | Bottom line is I warn any consumer from doing business with Michael or his company. His is unprofessional and dishonest. He lacks any ability to provide good customer service, even when he is at fault or makes a mistake.


  • Name: Michael Peterson
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Phoenix
  • Address: 4208 S 37th Steet
  • Phone: 602-492-1968
  • Website: